Lectures and Keynotes

I have been an invited speaker and keynoter at academic and professional conferences in Canada and the U.S. on topics of diversity and inclusion, sex and technology, and sexuality and disability.   Past keynotes include:

  • "Re-imaging Sex Talks for the 21st Century: Diversity and Inclusion in Sex Education"
  • "All in the Telling:  Making Space for Stories We Can't Even Imagine"
  • "More Than Lip Service: The Politics and Practice of Sex Positivity"
  • "Sex Tech:  How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Technology"

Workshops and Book Talks

I offer workshops and book talks geared to parents, teachers, early childhood educators, child and youth service providers, librarians, and primary and middle school classrooms. 

My work focuses on talking about sexuality and reproduction in a way that includes all kinds of families, and that is inclusive of all kinds of gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, and sexual identity.

I facilitate workshops and lead pre-conference trainings on a variety of topics related to sexuality education.  Across topics my focus is on how all service providers can make their work more inclusive, especially in terms of disability and gender.

Teaching and Curriculum Consultations

I have developed and taught curriculum for professional organizations and groups of all sizes on a wide range of topics related to sexual development, gender diversity, disability, sexual health, and access and inclusion.

When it's appropriate I teach alone, but I prefer to team-teach as I find bringing diverse and complimentary perspectives into the classroom and training room results in a richer, and more nuanced experience for trainees and students.

My teaching style is collaborative and interactive, focusing less on pre established learning objectives and more on the needs in the room.