Everything I’ve written or said has come out of conversations, readings, and collaborations with other people.  Many of those people came before me paid much, much more than I have to get their thoughts and words out there. 

My books are all collaboratively produced and I never have the time or space to credit all the people who have contributed to them. But I’m often asked about people whose work I turn to, or people who have influenced my work. So here is a very incomplete, and always growing list.  There are lots of people on this list I’ve never met, spoken to, or corresponded with, but their work continues to touch me.  Others are close friends.  At least one is my therapist.  Presented in no particular order.

Patricia Berne
Fiona Smyth
Chloe Eudaly
Becky McFarlane
Coman Poon
Fran Odette
Veronica Liu
Esther Ignagni
Ines Buchli
Ing Wong-Ward
Jen Moorman
Kia Corthron
Laura Hershey
Michelle Chai
Lisa Biagiotti
Louise Bak
Maisa Said-Albis
Caitlyn MacIntyre
Markio Tamaki
Athena Brewer
Maya Gonzalez
Mirha-Soleil Ross
Peggy Kleinplatz
Rebecca Picherack
Sarra Levine
Aruna Mitra
Sunaura Taylor
Syrus Marcus Ware
Ted Kerr
Viv Cornejo

Zoe Wool
Bianca I. Laureano
Morgan Holmes
Daniel Heath Justice
Hilary North
Annanda DeSilva
Jessica Abraham
Del LaGrace Volcano
Linda Crabtree
Morénike Giwa-Onaiwu
Farzana Doctor
Karen B.K. Chan
Maria Palacios
Leroy Moore
Linda Mona
Stacey Milbern
Jake Pyne
Allison Howell
Kristyn Dunnion
Aidan Key
Alejandra Ospina
Carol Queen
Alison Kafer
Eli Clare
Chloë Atkins
Stevie Forbes-Roberts
Catherine Fitzpatrick
Lynda Barry
Susie Bright
Carol Camper
Susan Ludwig
Venita Ray